Welcome to the new website of Merle Owens!

Welcome to the new website of Merle Owens & Associates. We are excited about our future and look forward to assisting your organization with executive placement. We encourage you to connect with us by phone at (817) 399-1776 or email us at jwowens@merleowens.com. We’re ready to facilitate finding your next executive team member.

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Discover the Merle Owens Fit-Plus


What makes the difference between a satisfactory match and an excellent fit? While a good search firm should be able to align requirements to an individual’s qualifications, Merle Owens goes much farther. We explore the cultural distinctions of your organization – the personality of your company – and look for individuals who share the same attributes. They can quickly become part of the family:  Hard-working, capable, and fully able to meet expectations of the position…but also imparting the same values and readily fitting in. Our clients have used the word “uncanny” in our ability to secure a powerful fit. We call it the Fit-Plus. 

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