A Legacy of Success

Requirements met, the fit found.

Since 1993

Merle Owens & Associates was established in 1993 as a boutique search firm in Ft. Worth, Texas. Uniting the large search firm experience built from of its principals, Merle Owens recognized a need:  Many client organizations had mid-management as well as senior management search needs that large international search firms were not willing to approach… or could not adequately serve.

Merle Owens set forth to address the lack of attention to middle management. And quickly grew to meet the broad needs of their client organizations.  As the business has evolved through business cycles, various adjustments have been made. Since joining the company in 1995 Merle’s son Jesse Owens has grown the business, and currently serving as its principal and managing partner.

Merle Owens & Associates has strong, long standing, client relationships with energy companies, homebuilders, organizations, consumer product producers, distribution companies, retail organizations, industrial manufacturers, financial service companies, and not-for-profit public service organizations.  The testimony to the kind of professional service our organization supplies to our clients is the fact that many of our client relationships now span our own over 25-year legacy in the search business.  While most of our searches are conducted for companies and organizations located in the southwest, we have the experience and capability to serve your needs precisely in the achievement of a Fit-Plus™.


Discover the Merle Owens Fit-Plus


What makes the difference between a satisfactory match and an excellent fit? While a good search firm should be able to align requirements to an individual’s qualifications, Merle Owens goes much farther. We explore the cultural distinctions of your organization – the personality of your company – and look for individuals who share the same attributes. They can quickly become part of the family:  Hard-working, capable, and fully able to meet expectations of the position…but also imparting the same values and readily fitting in. Our clients have used the word “uncanny” in our ability to secure a powerful fit. We call it the Fit-Plus. 

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