The Merle Owens Guarantee

Peace of Mind After The Search Completion

Guaranteed Results

Our website contains a wide range of testimonials from our clients. They know what Merle Owens can do. Here’s a further expression of our commitment: If a placement should not meet expectations within 12 months of the hire, we will conduct another search engagement at no charge. We are so confident you will be satisfied with our commitment, we can offer this unique guarantee.  It is a Merle Owens exclusive and another measure of our determination to go to any lengths to serve clients who need that special fit in middle management – the Fit-Plus™.


Discover the Merle Owens Fit-Plus


What makes the difference between a satisfactory match and an excellent fit? While a good search firm should be able to align requirements to an individual’s qualifications, Merle Owens goes much farther. We explore the cultural distinctions of your organization – the personality of your company – and look for individuals who share the same attributes. They can quickly become part of the family:  Hard-working, capable, and fully able to meet expectations of the position…but also imparting the same values and readily fitting in. Our clients have used the word “uncanny” in our ability to secure a powerful fit. We call it the Fit-Plus. 

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