How Merle Owens Works For You

Stealthy, Thorough – a functional process

The process of finding an ideal fit generally involves three elements. You – your needs and expectations.  We – at Merle Owens, fully engaged in a shared mission.   And Us – how we integrate with your operations to land the right candidate.  Our logo displays the functional three- pronged effort, which completes the picture of a strong employee who fits your organization. 


Merle Owens starts with you the client. We learn about your business and culture. We listen to your expectations as we grasp the strategies needed to proceed from an understanding of your specifications, compensation parameters and terms. This is where the basis of the right fit is formed as we shape the search on the basis of your organization’s personality. You’ll receive a written position description and candidate specification to confirm our understanding of your needs. You have determined the guidelines and the demands. You are always informed of our efforts.


We align a target list of organizations where prospects are likely to be found – and where the nuances and details of specific industries are identified. We are guided by your directions and our recommendations, and we will search other industries if we feel it will enhance the location of ideal candidates for your company. Two discreet processes are engaged – and they complement each other. Our experienced staff researches a target list of designated companies to indentify individuals we will contact as prospects or sources. We also rely on sources cultivated from decades in the search industry. Herein lies the ability to detect candidates through their reputations and credibility. Scanning our universe of sources allows us to find the brightest stars. Contact of potential clients is at the discretion of our search consultants, who will personally call individuals so we may find people who are interested and might share a zeal for meeting your kind of demands. Comprehensive telephone interviews are conducted, and those deemed to be the best prospects


The search consultant then meets the individuals who appear to be best qualified in face-to-face interviews. We are looking carefully – their temperament, chemistry and basic personality. A confidential, detailed report is submitted to you, outlining the candidate’s background, accomplishments, personal history, and recent compensation information. We will also submit our personal analysis of their qualifications and how they compare to other candidates, helping you to detect a cultural fit, management style, and potential for future assignments within your organization. At the appropriate time, a thorough reference investigation will be undertaken on the final candidate(s). We will provide you with a confidential report of what each reference says about the candidate. (This should normally be conducted at the time the client is prepared to make an offer.) Finally, we arrange for the candidates to meet with you. If desirable, we will make all of the logistical arrangements, such as air travel, hotel, etc. Once you have selected the final candidate, we will assist in preparing and/or presenting an offer to the candidate of choice. In many cases, we also will assist in any negotiations of the offer. The best candidate. The perfect fit. A timely completion of a successful search in bringing a Fit-Plus to your organization.


Discover the Merle Owens Fit-Plus


What makes the difference between a satisfactory match and an excellent fit? While a good search firm should be able to align requirements to an individual’s qualifications, Merle Owens goes much farther. We explore the cultural distinctions of your organization – the personality of your company – and look for individuals who share the same attributes. They can quickly become part of the family:  Hard-working, capable, and fully able to meet expectations of the position…but also imparting the same values and readily fitting in. Our clients have used the word “uncanny” in our ability to secure a powerful fit. We call it the Fit-Plus. 


When Search Confidentiality Is Required

As you know, some searches need to be performed with complete confidentiality. Employees who are to be replaced should never see that a search is underway. We protect that issue with trust and complete secrecy. The client company is never revealed in the search, and identities will not be revealed until you are ready. Changes and announcements are made to your schedule. 

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