To Blog or not to Blog…That is the Question.

At my age, rare are the first time ever experiences. But here goes. My first blog. An effort to share some thoughts that might generate some interest, conversation or consternation. As I celebrate my 25th year in recruiting (I started when I was 10!) I thought I would share with you some of the train wrecks and almost train wrecks I have experienced so you don’t have to. Whether you are a job seeker in transition, an employer searching for key employees or just someone who enjoys the misery of others stay tuned over the next few months. I hope to tell some stories, some funny, some crazy, but all true.

 Story #1. “Would you work for that guy?”

Not long after my recruiting career started my father and I went on a call together to meet the owner of a company that needed a key executive. We had a thorough and frank conversation with him and I believed it went well. In the car on the way back to the office my Dad asked what I thought. I told him I thought it went well and I looked forward to getting the search assignment and a retainer fee. Then he asked “Would you work for that guy?” I thought a moment and said “Probably not”. “That’s why we aren’t either.” was my Father’s reply. I learned something that day that I have remembered for 25 years. My job in the recruiting process is to complete the search with all involved satisfied with the results. If you know going in it will be basically impossible to do just that, for whatever reason, don’t take on the task. It’s just not worth it spiritually, morally, professionally or monetarily. The same is true in personal matters. Don’t put yourself in situations where you know from the start you can’t be satisfied with the results. Walk away.

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